Friday, August 15, 2008

part 1

This is the story of a young girl from New Jersey named Sarah. She was 16 when she and her parents had a heavy carcrash. Her parents died right away, but she fell into a coma.The doctors said that her chances were small, especially because she had been lying in the coma for four weeks already and she had shown no signs of life yet. Another two weeks and they would tell Sarah's brother, that they had to turn off the machines that kept her alive.
Matt was five years older than his sister and he was a tough guy. Although he had just lost both his parents and was about to lose Sarah too, he stayed at ther side each day and every hour he could.He still went to work and didn't sleep a lot, but he didn't care. All he cared about was Sarah. She was the only family he had left now and she had always been his little princess, he just didn't want to let her go.
He talked to her a lot when he sat at her side, the doctors had told him that maybe that would help. So he told her about everything he knew, anything that she could have found interesting. He told her about their past, about their childhood they had spent together and of what was going on in the world. Very often he also told her about her favourite music band Bon Jovi. And he also played their music to her. When he couldn't be at her side, he plugged earplugs into her ears and turned on the songs of Bon Jovi. He knew she loved the band and the music had always been her hiding place if she felt sad or alone. But this time, he hoped that the music would help her to come out of her hiding place, make her come back to life. He didn't know if she could hear anything he said, but he prayed for her and believed in her...
...maybe that was the key.

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